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Go-To-Market Strategy(GTM)

Advwin Seized Marketing Opportunities of Major Sales Events

by 海纳互动 13 Jun 2018

Advwin Seized Marketing Opportunities of Major Sales Events Develop New Sales Touchpoints with Cutting-Edge Marketing Media

Market: Australia

Advwin is a leading Amazon seller specializing in the Australian furniture and home goods market. However, the store's order volume grew slowly. The brand hopes to use the momentum of the major sales events to break through the sales bottleneck and enhance brand awareness.

HiNA created a complete marketing rhythm and localized marketing strategy for the brand. We expanded the upper-funnel traffic by using segmented advertising categories and new advertising formats such as Demand Gen, assisting the brand in multi-channel exposure to increase brand awareness and website visits, while simultaneously establishing brand image and cultivating loyal customers.

This approach assists Advwin in achieving comprehensive exposure in the Australian market, securing a place in consumers' minds, and achieving significant sales growth.

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