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Go-To-Market Strategy(GTM)

Customizing Tigo’s Southeast Asia Strategy

by 海纳互动 11 Mar 2024

Customizing Tigo’s Southeast Asia Strategy Data-Driven Entry Strategy with Localization Marketing

Market: Southeast Asia

Tigo is a 1V1 chat audio and video social application that has set its strategic goals on overseas markets with a higher willingness to pay. Tigo needs HiNA's assistance to start formulating a plan from market expansion.

Based on the analysis of market and consumer insights, HiNA assisted the brand in selecting the target market—Southeast Asia. The plan was carried out with localized marketing, in which the advertising materials cover 7 languages across 9 countries in Southeast Asia, and promotions are aligned with local festivals. A comprehensive data analysis system had been established to continuously improve the combination of media channels, advertising forms, and creative content to maximize marketing effectiveness.

Tigo successfully established its brand recognition in the Southeast Asian market, with a significant increase in app downloads and total profit generated.

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