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Go-To-Market Strategy(GTM)

Honor From Market Challenger to Market Top 3

by 海纳互动 19 Oct 2023

From Market Challenger to Market Top 3 HONOR’s Data-driven Approach in Hong Kong

Market: Hong Kong

HONOR has re-entered Hong Kong market since 2022. With advanced innovation on folding and camera technology, it aims to build up reputation offering high quality phones for the market.

HONOR’s brand awareness in Hong Kong is low but notable. Samsung and Apple occupies the mid to high end market. In contrast, XiaoMi occupies the mid to low end market. Other brands like OPPO and Sony have make up the remaining market share.

HiNA starts the strategic planning with in-depth market research and audience profiling based on the findings from various data sources, such as consumer survey, social listening tool and site traffic profiling tool. Core audience persona including phone switchers and amateur photographers are precisely targeted via omnichannel strategy, with a mix of display, video and search. 

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