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Go-To-Market Strategy(GTM)

Voice of ONEPLUS in New Market

by 海纳互动 03 Jan 2024

Voice of ONEPLUS in New Market Amplifying the Brand Presence with Social-Centric Strategy

Market: Mexico

OnePlus is a renowned smartphone manufacturer known for its high-quality, premium devices at competitive prices. It has established a notable presence globally, with its smartphones gaining popularity among tech enthusiasts. Despite its strong global presence, OnePlus is relatively less recognized among Mexican consumers, who tend to gravitate towards familiar brands with proven track records. For OnePlus, intensifying efforts to raise brand awareness and preference is now a strategic imperative.

HiNA crafted a comprehensive media strategy for OnePlus, integrating Display, Video, Search, and Social advertising to maximize high-quality exposure during the product launch. Concurrently, a significant effort was directed towards substantially expanding the brand's social media following.

Leveraging HiNA's strategic marketing initiatives, OnePlus achieved a significant boost in brand awareness and consideration. This resulted in a 70% surge in brand-related search volume during Q4 2023, with a notable peak in consumer interest in December. Additionally, the brand’s Facebook followers also soared from under 200K to an impressive 500K, underscoring a successful audience connection and social media impact.

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