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Go-To-Market Strategy(GTM)

We help JobsDB to grow with Unified Measurement & Reporting

by 海纳互动 07 Nov 2023

We help JobsDB to grow with Unified Measurement & Reporting

Market: Hong Kong, SEA

The leading job portal in the Asia Pacific region faced a challenge in achieving its new user acquisition targets, despite launching awareness campaigns across various countries.

HiNA restructured JobsDB’s marketing workflow by first analyzing market trends and historical performance to identify key channels, then strategically realigned resources, eliminating redundant channels to focus the budget more effectively. By creating synergy between channels through a unified audience strategy and unified measurement, HiNA was able to implemente a dynamic, data-driven campaign management process.

The revamped marketing framework not only met but exceeded the new user acquisition goal, all while reducing media spending. This new approach has been instrumental in fostering sustainable growth for the client.

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