Capitalizing on the dynamic SEA e-commerce sphere, HiNA harnesses the power of AirAsia, TikTok and YouTube Shops to elevate brands

Engage Travel Shoppers in SEA

-Extensive customer base and regional reach within SEA.
-Integrate travel and lifestyle marketing.
-Sales approach from online to offline (in-flight).

Create Viral Moments

-Capturing the pulse of SEA's Gen Z and Millennial shoppers.
-Transforming high-engagement TikTok content into sales.

Storytelling for Conversion

-Partnering with SEA's top creators for brand/sales promotion to endorse products, leveraging their trusted voices and extensive reach.
-Leveraging shorts for wider brand visibility.
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Competitor Assessment
  • Technology Scouting
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • Product Valuation
  • Production Analysis
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Deep dive Market Studies
  • Market Segmentation and Growth Strategy